uurimusi arhitektuurist ja teooriast
investigations on architecture and theory

Ehituskunst is a one-of-a-kind bookazine in the Estonian context focussing on architectural thinking in a broader – a more theoretical, more provocative, more visionary – sense to balance the conventional architectural review. Ehituskunst is published once a year by the Faculty of Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts. The bookazine is fully bilingual: in Estonian and English.

investigations on architecture and theory

Estonian Academy of Arts Faculty of Architecture
Pikk 20, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel: +372 642 0070

Editors-in-chief: Eik Hermann, Karli Luik
Contact: [eikhermann ät gmail com], [karli.luik ät gmail com]

Editorial board:
Klaske Havik, Andres Kurg, Martin Melioranski, Indrek Peil, Ingrid Ruudi, Indrek Rünkla, Jüri Soolep, Toomas Tammis

Supported by: Eesti Kultuurkapital

Requirements for Peer-Reviewed Articles
Ehituskunst welcomes polemic academic articles that stimulate discussion about architecture or a field of activity closely associated to it. The recommended length of articles is up to 6000 words. Articles are published after approval by the editorial panel and two positive anonymous reviews. Articles subject to peer review are differentiated from the general theme of the issue when published, in other words there are no precise thematic restrictions for such articles and it is not compulsory to tie the article in with the theme of the issue. The text may be written in Estonian or English. In the event of footnotes, please use the Chicago A system. Illustrations should be submitted as digital files of a quality suitable for publication. The editorial office is looking for proposals concerning the academic article to be published in the next issue.